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Submission Guidelines

Before signing up, read these very important guidelines

A note about the Note to the Reviewer

A drop down menu offers options for alerting the reviewer

How much will I be paid as a contributor to Shutterstock?

Earnings range from $ 0.25 to $120.00, depending on the customer's license

How do I become a photo contributor?

Info if you want to become a Shutterstock photographer

How do I get paid for my work?

Payments are automatically calculated at the end of each month

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What can I do to improve earnings?

There are many reasons for lower downloads, but it often boils down to three things

What are the technical requirements for footage?

Footage must be within these parameters

How do I submit editorial content?

Editorial work is accepted under strict conditions

How do I become a video contributor?

Information, requirements, and links for new video contributors

Why was my content rejected for Focus?

Image is not in focus or the focal point is not appropriate for the composition.